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Peanut Allergy: Time To Test Your Allergy IQ

True or False?

•1) Peanut allergy has been increasing in children over the past 20 years.


•2) Since peanut allergy lasts for a lifetime re-testing for peanut hypersensitivity is not recommended.



•3) Peanuts are in the same family as pecans and pistachios


•4) Severe reactions to peanuts are always preceded by milder reactions.


•5) Recent research has proven its okay to give small amounts of peanut to peanut allergic children in order to desensitize them.


•1) True: Peanut allergy has approximately doubled in children over the past several years

•2) False: One in five children may grow out of their peanut allergy. But one report notes a 9% incidence of re-developing peanut allergy

•3) False: Peanuts are in the legume family (with beans and peas) but pecans, pistachios and other popular nuts are in the tree family.

•4) False: Severe reactions have occurred in children that had no notable exposure to peanut prior to that time.

•5) False! Recent research in children with peanut allergy has revealed a promising method of desensitization that involves feeding small amounts of peanut over time. More studies are needed to confirm these results. Some children who are extremely sensitive to trace amounts of peanut may not be good candidates for this treatment. If peanut allergy is suspected or confirmed (by testing) it should be strictly avoided.


Want to learn more about recent developments in research about peanut allergy? Click Here!

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