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Asthma: What's in your Genes?

Asthma is a clinical syndrome shared by more than 20 milion people in America. Over the last 20 years research has led to the production of many new asthma medications yet many people continue to suffer from troublesome asthma flare-ups despite these  huge therapeutic advances. Why is this?

One answer may reside in our genetic blueprint. Millions of genes are passed on from parents to children and account for every physical aspect of the human body. Some genes are associated with how we handle allergy triggers, others impact our handling of viruses and bacteria.

Learn more about genes and asthma in this posting on HealthCentral. 


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Mosquito Bites May Do More Than Cause Itching These Days

I posted an article about three diseases carried by mosquitoes in the U.S. this summer.

Two of them may be fatal if contracted. The other just causes you to be so miserable from joint pains, you may not want to get out of bed for several days.

Furthermore, you start off feeling like you have a summer flu, so beware!


Click Here for the article


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